Fear of Failure Overview :

1. Risk aversion
We will examine the contradiction between Australia’s entrepreneurial risk aversion and it’s love of gambling. We will explore why the majority of working adults are more likely to align more readily to their fear of failure than to their enthusiasm for opportunity.

2. Leadership: Creating a safe environment to fail
In this section we will look at a process that can be implemented to create the emotional environment for risk taking, which will result in higher energy and bolder idea generation.

3. Finding bold opportunities
Here, we examine how increased intellectual courage can result in a richer range of opportunities – hopefully resulting in breakthrough innovations.

4. Using experimentation to pick the right opportunities
Once a company has been invigorated to find increased innovation opportunities, a challenge emerges to find a way to select the right portfolio of ideas to devote valuable resources to.

5. Implementation into the broader organisation
Our final chapter explores how innovations can be given the best possible opportunity to take hold in the broader organisational context.

6. Conclusion
We concede that justice cannot be done to this topic in one white paper. In the conclusion we wrap up with some final thoughts, and then add a few areas of further reading for those wishing to pursue the concepts contained herein.


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